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Here at yuhu we strive to provide a platform built on three core values: to partner, to delight, and to grow. This means our platform is continuously growing and being improved upon through the dialog we maintain with our customers. Our goal is to understand our customers business and provide them with the best possible product, processes, and user experience.

The yuhu platform is a cloud-based service that is always being updated and enhanced. This means each time our customers sign on to the platform they are getting the most recent version with the latest enhancements. The yuhu development team aims to accomplish this on a weekly basis as to keep the feedback-enhancement loop short and direct.

In an effort to increase the transparency of our development process and to provide customers with visibility into our latest updates we’ve decided to start this development blog where we highlight what’s new and exciting with each release as well as what you can look forward to in the future.

Dev Blog 1 – March 10, 2018

This week we have some some great new features that we’re really excited about. We’ve added building amenities and an entire booking engine for your tenants, improved the tenant portal experience, lots of UI updates, and much more!


A big change this week is the ability for landlords to list and have tenants book amenities available in their building. The booking system for amenities works similar to the booking system for unit showings where landlords can specify time slots the amenity is available and tenants have the option to book available times. The new amenities module can now be found under the property tab for landlords. Additionally we are currently developing an integration that will allow for landlords to charge deposits and fees for amenities and provide tenants the option to pay via credit card. This feature should be available in our next release.

Viewing amenities as a tenant
Adding an amenity as a landlord






Tenant Portal

The tenant portal has received some additional functionality providing the tenant with a more complete user experience. We’ve now provided the tenant with a “My Building” module that includes key information specific to their current property. This currently contains building details and contact information along with the amenities module, and in the future will be enhanced with marketing and promotion information provided by the landlord. We’ve also added an enhanced method for tenants to upload their rental documents that are provided to their landlord including tenant insurance information.

“My Building” module for tenants
Better document uploading for tenants







UI Changes

The yuhu platform is developed with a strong emphasis on a clean and understandable user interface across all devices. A UI element that we commonly use is the popover or dialog menu. We like to leverage these elements as it allows us to hide aspects of the platform that are information-dense until you really need them, reducing the clutter of the platform as a whole. Such elements can be seen when viewing/reporting a payment, viewing a booking link, adding a lead, etc. In keeping with a fully responsive UI these elements have now been optimized for mobile and will now display full screen. We feel this really increases the usability of the platform when used on your mobile device.

New full-screen dialog for view/report payment


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