5 “Out-of-the-Box” Rental Property Marketing Ideas

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When it comes to rental property marketing, the key is to balance traditional marketing techniques with more innovative and creative options to ensure you reach all of the right people. Traditional marketing techniques such as listing the property online, posting Facebook ads, using Craigslist/Kijiji, or taking an ad out in a local newspaper are tried and true ways to market your property, but often aren’t enough. If you really want to get people talking about your property, consider these 7 creative marketing practices that’ll be sure to bring in the offers.

Rental Property Marketing with Live Video

A Facebook ad is good, but using Facebook Live creates a unique and interactive experience that potential renters can really appreciate. Using Facebook Live allows you to schedule a time where you can market your property to your viewers in real time.

Schedule a tour of your property, or set up a Q&A session where interested renters can pick your brain about the property. It also works to create a sense of urgency, as each renter can see others interested in the property.


Snapchat is another virtual and creative way landlords and property managers are marketing their properties. Snapchat is a great way to reach millennial renters who are tech savvy and want their information quickly and easily. The thing people love about Snapchat is that images are only available for a limited time span, and then disappear. This can be a useful a marketing technique, for example, because you can tell viewers a photo of the pool/patio/master bedroom will be on Snapchat at 7:15.

You can be sure they will be paying very close attention to the picture because of the limited time they have to view it. Snapchat is also easy to use if you’re not tech-savvy, and can be used to not only snap pictures of the property but of the local neighborhood, school, restaurants nearby and so on. It’s easy to snap a quick picture, add a filter and some text, and create a professional looking marketing strategy that appeals to anyone with a smartphone.

Sell the Neighborhood

The location and neighborhood your property is in plays a large role in who is interested. If potential renters knew how great the neighborhood is (such as proximity to great restaurants, local parks or hot spots), they’d probably feel more comfortable making an offer.

Offer to take interested renters on a “quick tour” around the neighborhood so they can see the sights that make the neighborhood so special. Having you as their “personal tour guide” allows them to explore the area without fumbling with directions or getting lost. This creative technique is a great way to step out of the box and show interested renters that you believe in the community and that you think they’d feel right at home there.

Meet the Neighbors

There is so much to think about besides the actual, physical property. For many, the neighborhood and the people who they will be living next to for the next few years can make or break the deal. Schedule an informal event for interested renters to meet with neighbors.

Host Monthly Events with Current and Prospective Tenants

To step it up a notch, host a party or themed event in your property and make it a big deal. Send out invites, have it catered, pick a theme, and have fun with it. Make it an event that everyone wants to attend, and use it as an opportunity to showcase the property. If you’re marketing an apartment, this is a great way for prospective renters to meet their future neighbors and get a feel for the community.

Renting your property successfully is a unique combination of communication, creativity, and people skills. Stepping out of the box to get your property in front of the right people and coming up with innovative ideas to get people interested is what makes the difference between renting your property and having it sit on the market costing you money.

If you’re still listing your property online, spending your weekends hosting traditional open houses, spamming purchased email lists and still wondering why nobody is calling, it may be time to step it up and utilize one of these modern marketing practices to take your property from For Lease to Rented.


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